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I’ll choose my own shit scene.

This is why the internet rules…this is something that I wrote a long time ago that really should fall under the heading of “no shit”.  Anyway, thought I would post it here since I haven’t written in a while.

At Thousand Oaks High School there were about 30 punk rockers*. That was out of about 2,500 students. We were all into different sub-genres, but when you’ve got a small core of people like that, you all bundle yourselves up and that’s your scene. We’d all go to the same shows, and the same kids would cycle through the various bands. Great. 30 kids. Can you really call that a scene, or just some kind of local gang or group?

At some point toward the second half of high school, when my friends and I started driving, we’d venture outside of our town and go to some other shows. We’d mix with kids from other schools and you would realize that there were more punk rockers around and the scene you were a part of grew by leaps and bounds. Basically, you took those 30 kids, multiplied them by the amount of local schools, added some older guys and girls, maybe a few younger ones, and now you’re one in a thousand…or more. You could feel like you were a part of something huge.

Now, there’s the internet. Holy crap. If a local band could get their demo to 100 kids at a local show that came from the 6 closest schools, imagine that your core 30 kids were now connected with not only the 6 closest schools, but every single school in the world. The United States has around 40,000 high schools in it. If each of those schools had 30 punkers, you’d now have a reach of about 1.2 MILLION punk rockers in the United States alone. And that is just in high school. The average local band could now have their demo heard by thousands the same day they recorded it. Insane.

The lesson here? No matter how small an idea, or how obscure a product, service or anything is…it’s 2012. You can find interested people. Do what you want. There ARE others who will be interested. You can find them.

*All the numbers on this post are off the top of my head and for demonstration only.  Why the eff would you hold me to them, anyway?!
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