How ready are you to die for an ideal?

In preparing for some upcoming InvestedIn press about the impending launch of INV.ST, I started to take a bit of an inventory of where and when I want to make some announcements.  When I came to this blog, I had 2 interesting realizations:

  1. There are more DRAFT posts on this blog than actual posts.
  2. I didn’t post once in 2014.

Some of the drafts are actually pretty interesting and compelling (how’s that for being full of myself?), and the main reason that they are still drafts is because they are incomplete.  The reasons for that?  Mostly just being too busy running a business and growing my family…or at least that’s what I tell myself.  The bigger more interesting fact, is that when I started writing some of the posts, I was inspired through frustration.  I would get home from a meeting, an event or a long day at work and “rant” to myself  on this blog in the wee hours of night (like I’m doing now) after everyone in the house was asleep and I was done with the nights work.  The next day when it came to complete and publish the post I would almost always wuss out of posting it because I was afraid to offend some person or group…which is interesting, because I pride myself on being extremely honest in person, and I think that I am mostly that way.  I think it’s one of the reasons I get asked to speak at so many crowdfunding/tech conferences.  You ask me a question, and you’ll get my opinion.  I’m calling myself out on this one.

To address the second realization, I believe it really mostly is being busy.  This last year was an insane one for me personally, and for InvestedIn.  Growing family and growing business = Alon not answering questions on quora or blogging.  Let’s change that for 2015.

I think that when I engage my peers (friends and family) through this blog (and my newsletter), it not only helps me with my business (in various ways), but also helps others.

So I am asking for your help.  Comment with topics and/or things you want me to write about.  Vote up your favorite suggestions.  I’ll try to knock them down one at a time and lets see what I can do.  If I start to slow down, call me on it!

***UPDATE!!:  On a suggestion from another 805er, I am going to take one or more of these topics and also set up a local event with a talk / panel to teach and discuss.  Please add more suggestions and vote your favorites.

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  • Yvan De Munck

    Alon – I know the feeling all too well, and admire your initiative here. How about weighing in on the painful issue of SEC (in)action re. JOBS Act title III implementation and other related issues ? Would love to hear your high level thoughts on the subject and how it impacts (or not) your business.

    • alonymous

      That’s a great one, @disqus_RUt4UkmenX:disqus! I will try and put something together, although I can’t promise it won’t devolve into an insane rambling rant about the powers that be…! :-P

  • Chris

    Would love to hear your experience at

  • mark halpern

    At Huddle the other day you were holding court and giving your experiences with angel groups. A post on that would be cool.

  • Corey Baim

    Good Riddance – Mother Superior title…nice!

    • alonymous


  • Keith Jajko

    The question I saw posed was, “How ready are you to die for an ideal?” I’d like to think I am ready, but it always seems to direct me back to a line from a Mighty Mighty Bosstones song: “I’m not a coward, I’ve just never been tested.I’d like to think that if I was I would pass.
    Look at the tested, and think there but for the grace go I.
    Might be a coward, I’m afraid of what I might find out.”

  • Jose Huitron

    Alon, those “drafts” can indeed be quite worthwhile because they are written in the moment thus creating a true pipeline of valuable content. I like it! Keeps things raw…

    • alonymous

      Thanks, Jose! Ping me next time you come down this direction. I loved what you told me you were doing up north last time we hung out.

  • Ginger Zumaeta

    Alon, you’re a connector. I’d be interested in hearing about the ROI of helping others.