The pressure builds up day by day…

As most of you know, I am doing a FitFunder fundraiser for charity.  So far, it’s great!  As of right now, I’ve raise $409 from 22 supporters, gone on a couple great hikes, some insane bike rides and a short run.

The only scary part, is that if I don’t reach my goal of running/hiking/biking 100 miles by the end of the month, none of the pledges go through.  So far I’m at 44.2 miles, which means I’m about 14 miles behind!  Gonna make it up this weekend!

If you’ve got a minute, please check out the fundraiser:

Pics from the hikes:

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  • Mike Arnesen

    You are awesome for doing this, but you already knew I thought that. P.S., I reposted this because I wanted to login with Twitter instead.