My name’s Alon, and this is my blog.

The idea is to write more often.  I thought that if my blog had a common theme (a theme that’s also common throughout every aspect of my life), I would be more inclined to write.  So here it is.

I’m a punker.  No, I don’t have a mohawk or dress funny, or fall into most of the easy-to-spot stereotypes that punk rockers fall into.  To me, that’s not all that punk is about.  To me, it’s about asking questions, destroying conventions, going against the grain and generally, doing good.

I’m also the co-founder of a startup, a huge nerd, a husband and a soon-to-be dad.  The posts on this blog will mostly be related to business, but no topic is off limits.

I believe that the traits of a punk rocker, and the attributes it takes to be a good startup founder are almost identical. (The Venn diagram would look more like an eclipse, than anything else.)

I hope to chronicle my journey as a punk rocker, through life and business, doing my best to be “successful”, while always giving back and not compromising my beliefs. (Read: I hope I don’t turn out to be an asshole.)



If you’re interested in reading more about punk rockers, Dr. Greg Graffin, the lead singer of Bad Religion, wrote an essay in 2002 called A Punk Manifesto.  It’s an awesome read.