How we got 400+ followers on AngelList before ever raising a round…

A lot of people have been asking me to help them build up their AngelList following, so I thought I would put this blog post together.  Please let me know if you have any other tips in the comments section!

I started building our following on AngelList when our buddies at NetPlenish told me about how valuable it was for them and gave me some tips.  I figured that it couldn’t hurt to start building a following, even if we weren’t ready to raise a round yet.  So I followed their advice and dug in a little.

As I started building our following, I started making great connections and getting great meetings.  These connections consisted of great bizdev leads, intros to investors, and good connections to other entrepreneurs.  I was hooked.

Here’s a checklist off the top of my head of the things I did to build our AngelList following:
  • Goto and follow friends.
  • Follow your favorite startups.
  • Fill out your shit.  Personal AND Startup. (Make sure your co-founders do the same!)
    • Don’t leave stuff blank.
    • Add your team, advisors, investors and incubators to your profile.  EVERYONE.
    • Try setting the referrer for your startup to someone who is not related otherwise (someone you won’t add as an investor/advisor/employee).  Try someone who has a bunch of followers and would be willing to pimp you out.  Feel free to use me.  ;-)
    • Add multiple markets and locations. (More places to be discovered.)
  • Post an update at least once a week.  Brag.  @Mention your startup on your personal posts.
  • Share your profile on Twitter and Linkedin.
  • TELL PEOPLE TO SHARE YOUR STARTUP!  Don’t be shy about it.  See the text below that I use.
    • Send it to your email list.  Send it to people you know on AL.
    • Share startups and ask them to return the favor.
  • Post really big news as a comment on your profile.  This gets sent out.  Don’t do this too often.  Maybe once a month.  You don’t want it to overpower the comments that were made by investors and advisors.
  • Hit the “Like” button on comments about you, have your co-founders do it too.  This used to post it back into the top of the timeline.  Not sure if it still does, but couldn’t hurt.
  • Engage.  Send emails through AL, post comments, post updates.  Have your face show up everywhere.
    • One thing I did at the beginning, was message everyone who followed my personal page, with a link to the page and asked them to follow.  You can power through it by opening a ton of tabs and using cut/paste.

It really helps our ranking and showcases us on AL when people “Share” us.  Could you go in and do that for us real quick?  It only takes a second.

Click on the “Share” button on the upper right corner.
Click in the “To:” field and change it to “All Followers”.
Click “Send”.
No need to write a note or anything.

Again, if you have any tips I didn’t mention, I’d love to hear them in the comments.  If you’re interested in reading a much longer, way too wordy blog post I wrote about promo, and building a crowd, check it out here.
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  • Martin GarzA

    “Fill out your shit…” No shit! True that G :-) thanks for the info…

  • Partha Chakraborty

    Awsome stuff! Btw, I used to go to school with someone called Alon, in Brussels

  • GenYrator

    Great tips – thank you!

  • Senka

    Fantastic! And it works with us for now!

  • Guest

    I must say that you have mail and we need a referral…

  • John Furneaux

    Thanks for a very useful blog post. Readers who follow Hive at will get a follow back! Thanks all!